Implementation of GST is a breakthrough moment resulting in a much-needed overhaul of the indirect tax ecosystem in India.
The GST regime brings along with it a multiplicity of challenges which a business may face as:

  • Keeping abreast with the continuous and rapid evolution of the law
  • Exposure due to unexplored nuances in the law
  • Heavy reliance on IT for invoice matching
  • Intersection of other indirect tax laws such as Customs and Foreign Trade Policy with GST
  • Vendor-customer dependency for ensuring compliances.

These challenges mean that businesses need to continuously adapt to changing circumstances to ensure compliance and prevent leakages.
At HPC, we take an integrated view of your business structure and supply chain and provide consulting services right from customs duties and IGST on imports to GST on domestic sourcing and export benefits.
With the changing indirect tax landscape in India, our team of specialists is equipped to support you in realigning your business processes to implement changes to meet compliance requirements. Through our team of qualified and experienced professionals equipped to provide regular knowledge updates in a lucid style, you will be ideally positioned to understand the various options available to your organization while putting together your supply chain. This would help you minimize tax costs and risks while taking advantage of the available exemptions, abatements, credits and set-offs.
HPC offers the services of its expert Business Process Management team backed by specialist professional practice to handle the Compliances in Post GST regime.

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