International Tax Planning and Compliance

Businesses that operate internationally face a unique set of tax compliance issues. Proactive tax planning is essential to avoiding overpaying on taxes and maximizing your revenue and reduce expenditure. We can show you how to leverage a well-planned tax strategy that will decrease taxes, preserve profits, and ensure your business reports to tax authorities accurately and on time. At International Tax Practitioners, we specialize in tax compliance for foreign business with subsidiaries in multiple countries. When you work with us, your business will meet tax compliance standards while ensuring you pay the lowest amount of tax allowed by law. From domestic country & international tax law compliance to maintaining your accounts, we can assist you and manage all of your global tax obligations.
Our international tax planning services for businesses include:
  • International tax compliance
  • State and Local tax services for multi-national businesses
  • Country tax and local market tax
  • Fixed allowances of claims
  • International tax structuring to minimize taxes
  • Audit and investigation controversy and defence
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Fixed asset analysis
  • Indirect tax analysis (GST, PST, VAT, Sales Tax, etc.)
  • Inventory and accounting methods
  • Advanced entity planning and selection
  • R&D credit studies and claims

International Tax Outsourcing

When it is time to get set up in a foreign country, it’s beneficial to outsource certain tasks to local professionals for setting up business & due date-oriented compliances to avoid harsh penal consequences for any such non-compliances. At International Tax Practitioners we can assist with accounting records, payroll, tax returns, tax advisory, business setup and more. We understand the unique landscape of national and local regulations and can provide assistance in navigating the complex compliance and tax requirements. Our highly skilled team of professionals can help connect you with the right foreign service providers for your needs. We will ensure you meet all legal requirements and avoid any non- compliance issues.

Our International Outsource Accounting Services Include

  • Guidance on outsourcing to local professionals
  • Assistance with foreign service providers
  • Accounting and bookkeeping tasks
  • Tax compliance and advisory
  • Payroll services
  • Legal requirements
  • Setting up of Business in other country’s jurisdiction

Transfer Pricing Review Services

Many multinational business struggles with creating and implementing appropriate transfer pricing policies. Transfer pricing transactions are often scrutinized by tax authorities from both countries so it's essential that your policies comply with current tax regulations. To ensure your business is in compliance with international tax policies, turn to International Tax Practitioners for guidance. Our transfer pricing review services include developing and implementing economically sound transfer prices, staying updated about changing documentation policies, and ensuring your business meets tax deadlines to avoid penalties. Our team of CAs and financial professionals highly experienced in international taxation are well familiar with current global tax requirements and we can demonstrate how to properly plan for transfer pricing. We will effectively manage your tax risks by preparing documentation that meets global requirements and defining a clear tax planning strategy that aligns with your business goals. Together, we'll establish transfer pricing policies that allow your global business to save money on taxes and reduce the potential for a costly audit. We have members around the world that are ready to create transfer pricing policies for your business.

Our transfer pricing services for multinational businesses include:

  • Global Transfer Pricing including Domestic country and International
  • Implement economically supportable transfer prices
  • Document policies and requirements
  • Transfer pricing deadlines
  • Avoid current penalties
  • Advanced pricing agreements

Transaction Advisory

If you’re a business owner or part of a management team, you know the significant benefits of the acquisition process but often worry about the challenges and risks. The process can be stressful, worrisome, and complex. Our International Tax Practitioners team has extensive experience helping companies successfully to close deals. Our professionals will help you weigh the risk vs. reward for the most intelligent and informed decision.
Our International Tax Practitioners teams offers a full range of due diligence, acquisition integrations, and other transactional advisory services. Our extensive global network can advise you on international deals while making sure you get the best customer service. With our strong industry expertise, commitment to excellence, and accurate methodologies, we can ensure you make the right choices in your transaction. We help you create value, manage risk, and seize opportunities to unlock your potential for growth.

Transactional Advisory Services includes:

Expatriate Tax Services

Our team of CAs International Tax Practitioners specialized in helping multinational businesses expand global operations, navigate complex tax issues, and manage employee relocation. We understand the unique tax compliance challenges you face and we have solutions. Whether your employees are located across the border or overseas, we can show you how to avoid tax problems and minimize tax obligations. We continuously evaluate our client's needs and suggest ideas that are primarily focused on tax and related human resource cost saving opportunities.

Regardless of where they live and earn income, expatriates are subject to tax on their worldwide income. We prepare tax returns to ensure your employees benefit from all the deductions and tax breaks they are entitled to including foreign tax credits, foreign earned income, and housing exclusions. We also make sure individuals who are required to pay tax in multiple countries avoid double taxation and only pay what the law requires.

Our tax services for expatriates include:

  • Tax planning and compliance for employees working overseas
  • Pre-assignment/post-arrival tax consultations
  • Pre-departure and repatriation counselling
  • Assistance with inquiries from tax authorities
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax treaty benefit
  • Payroll consulting
  • Calculation and coordination of estimated tax payments

Domestic Taxation for NRI

India being an investment hub for NRI’s and Foreign Nationals, NRIs investment in India is crucial component for its economy.
With this investment there is also the compliances and taxation impact on income earned from such investments. Our team of Cas & International Tax Practitioners who are well-versed with the domestic law & compliances can assist in smooth & efficient handling of NRI taxation and other consulting practices & guide NRI with all the required compliance. We believe in empowering NRIs by providing true (full truth), correct, complete and accurate information, enabling them to make quality informed decision with full disclosure, integrity, confidentiality and ethical behaviour. Our financial planning, investments and taxation consulting helps our clients increase their risk adjusted after-tax return while complying applicable rules and regulations in India.

Our domestic tax services for NRI include:

  • Analysing Clients’ profit/risk in investment profile
  • RBI/FEMA rules and regulations
  • Indian Income Tax provisions (TDS, Advance Tax, Transfer Pricing, etc)
  • Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA)
  • All other statutory compliances (ROC, SEBI, Local law, etc)
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