Startup Services

Managing cash-flow, need for financial assistance, keeping a close eye on finances, managing compliances and keeping track of all the expenses; running a business is surely a lot of hard work. But it becomes even more daunting if it is a start-up business. As a start-up a company has to take too many tasks in a little budget. Hence there are possibilities for an early start-up to fail. With limited resources and small team, focussing on various vital aspects becomes tough and challenging. However, by outsourcing these important functions with Laabdhi, you can streamline and automate your plethora of finance related tasks which will ultimately help you in productivity and therefore your establishment.

Why to choose outsourcing

Not paying proper attention to accounts and financing can hinder future growth for a start-up. So, to compete with established companies and to create a niche for yourself, outsourcing your finance and accounting always makes sense. Here’s why:

  • As a new business takes off, watching the budget becomes a must
  • To generate a good return
  • Increase in productivity levels
  • Quality work
  • Training, hiring, adjusting breaks your bank

So, we see how handing over your finance activities not only helps you manage your finances but also allows you to concentrate on other significant operations of your organization.

Services offered by Laabdhi for start-ups

What services and needs to be outsourced depends on the size, structure, budget, and goals of the company. You can carefully analyse your start-up’s strength and weaknesses and accordingly you can seek help from the personnel’s. However, these are the general services and aspects which can be beneficial to outsource with Laabdhi.

  • Incorporation of New Company/LLP
  • Book Keeping and Accounting
  • GST compliance
  • Income Tax Compliance
  • Business Consulting Services
  • Licensing
  • Policies and procedures
  • Expense tracking
  • The entire monetary planning
  • Revenue accounting
  • Tax preparation etc.

Laabdhi with a team of 130+ accountants help clients in streamlining accounting, compliance and cash flow management. Laabdhi is not only a medium to help you with administrative, finance or IT related duties but also a channel that helps you deal with other modest aspects of business like:-

  • High level of professionalism
  • Boosts confidence
  • Helps entities in a long way
  • Helps attracts investors
  • Guidance
  • Make your dream come true

So, Laabdhi with its experienced professionals looks upto all crucial aspects of business that can make you focus on your core processes, growth, strategy and development.

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